Sunday, May 17, 2015

spring 2015 menu launch at JOEY Resturant

Sorry for the mess but boy did we eat well!
Last week I was invited to a tasting at JOEY Polo park to sample their new spring menu launch. As a "blogger" I do occasionally get invited to events around the city. I do think it is always good to write why you accept an invite and it is not always about free food and drinks. 

For me personally JOEY restaurant has always ticked off all the boxes that a restaurant needs for you to visit them again; good food, good service and most importantly good company! I have had many 3 hour catch up lunches with friends at JOEY and the staff were always pleasant and never rushed me out. Out of the "chain" restaurants in the city JOEY is personally tops for me. 

JOEY makes their dishes in house with fresh ingredients and has allowed their chefs to travel and get inspired. So here is a look at what they are offering new this spring! Food is subjective so I won't dissect the dishes too much.

Blueberry Mojito, Spa Cosmo, 500 Salad and Roti Chicken and Pancetta Club
I personally don't drink but the Blueberry Mojito was dangerous! So so good the winner out of the two new cocktails for me. The Spa Cosmo even though it is pink is not a sweet drink it is made from fresh pressed lemon and lime juice and has a nice bite to it, a great palate cleanser during the meal. 

500 Salad (with Wheat Berry) this was really good the lovely big pink garnish is a watermelon radish, the kale and quinoa along with the wheat berry kept it tasty and it is only 500 calories for the full sized version.
Roti Chicken and Pancetta Club I would order this sandwich again it was made with fresh rotisserie chicken and apples all housed in a fruit and nut bread.

Mezza Plate and Korean Fried Cauliflower
Mezze Plate this was a great way to start off the meal and easy to share. The red pepper hummus and Macedonian feta were very light in flavour, It did not "stay" with you as some Mediterranean dishes can.

Korean Fried Cauliflower ummm I 100% though these were popcorn chicken nuggets! I don't like cauliflower but these tasty little things made me eat a few and they were really good, kinda tasted like potato...

Sliders Royale and Lobster and Prawn Ravioli
Sliders Royale the secret sauce and the fact that JOEY hand crisps the cheese mmm crispy cheese gives these hand pressed burgers a gourmet touch. Great for sharing as well.

Lobster and Prawn Ravioli I am not a seafood fan but I needed to try one of these and it was heavenly. The white sauce is decanted but not too much a really nice dish.

Key Lime Cheesecake, Hand Made Apple Pie and Chocolate Lava Cake
oooh desserts! JOEY only serves three options and I must say the hand made apple pie with the maple ice cream is the best I have ever tried! The key lime cheesecake did not last long around me either. I was seriously too full to try the chocolate lava cake which was okay chocolate can't be bad ever.

JOEY has two locations in the city 635 St James St and 1550 Kenaston Boulevard if you choose to take any pictures of your food while at the restaurant JOEY has their own hashtags that you can use!
#thewaywepour (for drinks) and #thewaywecook (for food)

At the event were a few other local bloggers so here is a bit of a shoot out to them. I did not get a chance to talk to two lovely ladies but Chris from, Alyson of Alysonshane and "Winnipeg Girl" I will honour and appreciate her anonymity from love me love my winnipeg were there.

Again many thanks to my friend Val who was able to join me and JOEY for inviting me. The whole event was so well done I may be tempted to reply back to more invites this summer!


  1. Amazing. Prawn ravioli is my favourite ever, I just don't know too many places that make it.

  2. How very lovely! Invites of this nature are quite literally a delicious perk of being a blogger. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. i really shouldn't have looked at this in the middle of the night. now I'm craving for that korean cauliflower dish and those cocktails!!! aaahhh!!