Wednesday, May 6, 2015

vintage snapshots

I don't actually collect pyrex (do keep that in mind as you scroll down) but it was nice to see a rare pattern and for a reasonable price at the thrift a few weeks back. The black was tempting let me tell you but I really don't cook much with this shape of casserole, hopefully it found a good pyrex loving home.

The particular store I frequent I find has reasonable prices except on what they consider "vintage" dresses. They price 1970s chiffon and 1980's does 40's dresses like they were gold. This dress had smoke stains and the buttons didn't match that didn't matter much to the pricer. I am lucky dresses are not my thing. I do swing by the isle in hopes of finding a gem for my etsy shop but with their prices I have yet to buy anything.

This is what has come home with me the past 2 weeks. I never thought I would thrift any of these let alone for $3 each. The holt howard salt and pepper will be listed shortly in my etsy shop and I will be keeping the aqua 503 fridgie and snowflake space saver. Both needed a lot of cleaning and sadly the snowflake has a few stains I can't clean off but that just makes it easier to bake with, no guilt!

Anybody else had good thrift luck lately?


  1. That black casserole looks really nice! I didn't even know firekings/anchors/pyrex were a thing until my friend from Tokyo has asked me to find some pieces for me because they are quite a collectible there. :p

    1. oooh I know on instagram I am constantly in awe of how many glassware products are overseas! They are some pretty impressive collections that I droll over.

  2. have you been to the old house revival company? I found a really cute vintage recipe box there! so much was adorable, and in a big range of prices :) definitely worth a trip!

  3. Aww, I have those same vintage S&P kitties, picked up a couple of years ago at a yard sale (and not cheaply, may I add, that sale will always stand out in my mind as having some of the most ridiculously high prices I've ever seen someone put on yard sale items). We're S&P twinsies! :)

    ♥ Jessica