Saturday, June 20, 2015

made in manitoba: sweet spirit apothecary

After seeing Sweet Spirit Apothecary at the Lucky Girl Pop-up and not picking up anything I could not stop thinking about all the wonderful ingredients. I contacted Demetra and set up an order so here are my thoughts on this lovely made in Manitoba all natural skin and body line.

First off I really wanted to try out the root & petal balm. I have been drawn to a more natural lip look lately and this is the perfect sheer shade. It is oil based so it is very light on the lips and absorbs into them while wearing it. If you hate sticky lip glosses this will be for you. I have been using a lip brush to apply it and get about 2 hours of wear before it is completely gone. It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

The second thing I couldn't wait for was the jasmine green tea scrub I do like my diy clay scrub but have found I have been getting lazy and really wanted a pre-made version. Again I could not beat the ingredient list for this scrub, it has such a wonderful light jasmine green tea scent! The scrub does separate so it doesn't look 100% appealing but with a quick stir and you have a really nice face scrub. The oils keep your skin hydrated while there is a good amount of sugar to really exfoliate.

extras: A lovely Australian pink clay face mask sample with, sandalwood powder, rosehip powder and oats was sent with my order. It is a great clay based mask option I added rosewater to mine to make it smell even more divine. Some loose amethyst rocks were also included. I wasted no time getting out my epoxy and making myself some new earrings!

Overall I am beyond pleased with my order and will be picking up more items from sweet spirit apothecary (the eye roller and new blush she made are next on my wishlist) If you want to order anything posted on her instagram just shoot over an e-mail to and Demetra will let you know the details. 


  1. omg!!! i love amethyst rocks!! :D

    anyway, that scrub looks pretty interesting!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Lovely review and those earrings, wow, they're breathtaking! Way to make something fabulous from a free gift. You could easily sell (earrings like) those in your Etsy shop. Crystal and semi-precious stone jewelry has been huge in recent years and I suspect they'd do well there.

    ♥ Jessica