Sunday, June 14, 2015

thrift snapshots

Here is a look at some of the vintage items I spotted the past two weeks at the thrift and spoiler alert I didn't buy anything I just took pictures. I do hope to find something to take home with me this upcoming week.

A few months back a friend of mine asked me to keep an eye out for a western style belt. At the time I had no luck thrifting one so she bought herself one online. Since then I have been coming across quite a few, they are usually not that vintage and pretty beat up. This one was in good condition so I took a pic to see if she needed a "second" belt she passed so I left it behind.
Hours later @prettylittlefawn posted a picture of a metal tipped belt that made me wish I have picked it up for myself! A similar belt has now been added to my thrift list, hopefully I cross paths with another one soon.

I always look at the bracelets while at the thrift but truth be told I have never worn one or bought one in my life. Being a vintage lover I try to keep an eye out for bakelite but really don't know what I am doing hence why I come home empty handed each time. The black bracelet was heavy and had no seams it looked convincing to me... the wood one fit me so it was tempting too!

I feel like I wear the same thing everyday and do want more variety. The temptation of black, flowers and embroidery had to be resisted. I really did like this 1940s silk pouch darn it!

Here is a look at what I actually tried on. I love vintage knits this one was sadly too big and not in a cute way. The silk scarf wasn't nice enough to justify buying it. The "d" scarf was a tad bit too masculine for me although I did enjoy that it was in lower case.

I am not sure who donated these but there were about 10 pairs of vintage children's shoes at the Goodwill. Yes children's I have never seen vintage kids shoes before these were so tiny and cute all marked at a size 2. They would be adorable for a child's dress up trunk.

Did anybody else have thrift luck the past few weeks?

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  1. Nope, not a thing on this end. I find that we get more pickers up from Vancouver and over from Alberta here during the summer, so what very little vintage is to be had at our local thrift stores is snapped up even more quickly.

    Those bracelets are great! I would have bought the painted one for myself in a heartbeat. That's really cool about the shoes - wow!

    ♥ Jessica