Monday, June 29, 2015

thrift snap shots

The thrift store broke my heart last week... I have been trying to find a vintage pair of glasses for 3 years now with my petite face I need ones with nose pads and these frames were what I had been dreaming of finding.
The only down fall was they were not my size... I paced and tried to think how I could make them work but sadly put them back hoping they found a good home. I chose not to "pick" them to sell since glasses are such a fickle thing I hate to send off items that don't fit.

The gingham chiffon scarf underneath them did make its way into my etsy shop, it is perfect for summer.

Some token tag love. This brand is still in business today but I gotta say their vintage tag design was super cute!

I do believe in donating vintage to the thrift store, hey you want to find it there right? I bought this off etsy and paid full price for it but it was never a good fit. So I donated it, value village priced it reasonably and the worst part is I took this picture on a 50% off sale day so some lucky girl is going to be able to snag this for $2.75 sucks that is used to be mine! Hoping to find a sweater at that price one of these days.

Nothing vintage came home with me this week, anybody else have good luck?


  1. Ooohh, that's a serious shame about the glasses. I have a petite face size, too (I can often wear children's size glasses), and feel your pain there. On the very off chance I see any small sized similar specs in my own vintage hunts, I'll snap them up instantly in case they're apt to work well for you.

    Happy Canada Day week wishes, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* We did indeed get a thunder and lightning storm this afternoon and it was fabulous!

  2. Too bad about the glasses, Daphne - they would have looked great!