Sunday, June 7, 2015

wildwoodrose vintage market, june 5th re-cap

This past Friday June 5th was the first ever Wildwoodrose Vintage Market in Winnipeg. Patti who was responsible for last summers pop-up shop in the exchange has been organizing vintage outdoor markets to coincide with local festivals. This Friday was the 5th year the exchange has been putting on first Friday events. The vintage market had over 30 vendors some have local shops while others strictly do pop-ups. There was a tonne more clothes to look at than I even imagined! A great mix of era and accessories.

I was a bad "blogger" I went with friends and just enjoyed the atmosphere I wasn't even tempted to take my phone out once to take a picture and properly document the event, luckily some local gals I follow on instagram did (credit will be given for borrowing their photos)

Sybil from Animated Confession did a round-up on her blog and she killed it as always. Be sure to check out her post it has original pictures (geez I could learn a thing or two) and really captured the whole feeling of the first Friday event.

The next Wildwoodrose vintage market is planned for Saturday July 18 from 10-4 at the Sherbrook street festival. You can follow the facebook event page here and check for updates on the sellers who will be participating!

I have been following Rachael of netti and min for years now I just love the styling of her photos. It is nice to stalk follow local vintage gals to see if you spot anything you think will fit you before it goes for sale:)

The girls of oh so lovely vintage absolutely killed it with their booth, the aqua the red... I always check out their booth for the housewares hoping a blueberry glasbake dish will pop-up one day.
After the market and their booth I 100% went and bought dirt to re-pot some plants of mine. I went more shabby chic but never get tired of seeing plants in vintage containers.

what came home with me?
cameo necklace: this was for my sister she has been looking for years for a long chained cameo necklace. This one was a great price and had the perfect chain length. The booth I bought it from didn't have a card it was a lovely lady selling jewels for cheap for crafting and re-purposing.

teeeeny jelly belly bird brooch: I really wanted to find one of these! This one was $1 and could not be passed up. Bought from the same lady as the cameo necklace.

yellow slip: I picked this up from netti and min I have no joke been trying to thrift a size 32 light colored full slip for ages. I have a yellow cotton dress that I couldn't wear until now! The yellows match perfectly, it was something that I had to splurge on and pick up.

It was a great evening and event, follow Wildwoodrose on facebook!


  1. that's amazing!!! shame we didn't bump into each other there. i was running around here and there (both at the market and at the different galleries for first friday). that was my first time attending and i was really surprised how many vendors there were! i'm surely checking out the next one at sherbrook!! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  2. Wonderful post!
    Have a great day!
    Angela Donava

  3. Oh man, every time I find vintage slips in smaller sizes I jump for joy! We would've been fightin' over the yellow one, that's for sure!
    I wish I could have done a pop-up there. Oddly, Montreal doesn't really do large outdoor markets like the BK Flea. The only multi-vendor event I can think of is Vintage Pop at Puces Pop.
    The Exchange makes for such a lovely backdrop, too, with its heritage buildings and era-appropriate street lamps. Sigh.

  4. Terrific finds! I have a devil of a time with full slips, too - they're almost always too roomy for me in the bust and especially the shoulders. I have two at present that work for me and I literally shudder to think about the day that one of them bites the dust.

    ♥ Jessica