Monday, July 6, 2015

my jasmine green tea beauty routine

I bought some new tea a few weeks ago to try and break my earl grey and mint tea addiction. It did not work out to well and I have been using that said tea different ways in my beauty routine. Here is what has been working good for me.

pukka serene jasmine green is not a bad tea I just found the chamomile to be overwhelming in it and I am shockingly not a chamomile tea fan.

step 1: jasmine green tea herbal steam
Boil water and pour over 1 tea bag into a large bowl. Let cool/steep for a few minutes. Cover face and neck with a towel and place face over the bowl. Steam face as long as you can handle.
Do not discard water let it cool or even let it sit for a few hours you will use it later.

step 2: jasmine green tea scrub
For this I used my beloved scrub from sweet spirit apothecary. But I have tried making my own using actual jasmine tea so to do so you will need.
  • 1 jasmine tea bag cut open and tea poured out (I did pulse mine through a coffee grinder to make it finer but I am sure straight from the bag is fine too)
  • 1 tsp of sugar (use raw for more grit or sea salt for something different)
  • Gel cleanser
Mix tea and sugar together add in some of your favorite gel cleanser, mix well and apply to damp skin, massage in and rinse off. It will be messy but your skin will be soft!

step 3: jasmine tea toner
Grab an empty bottle and pour the strongly steeped tea from your facial steam into it (discard any extras). You may add in additional essential oils but I like mine simple. You can use this as your toner for the week. If you keep it in the refrigerator it will keep for 1-2 weeks. If you do this routine weekly replace toner each week.
This toner is also great to use as your liquid if you use any clay based masks during the week as well.

And there you have it my super simple easy beauty night routine using jasmine green tea!
Anybody else use tea in their routine?


  1. sounds great :)

    have an amazing day :)
    keep in touch :)

  2. How lovely!!! I think that jasmine tea has got to be one the best smelling (and tasting) things ever. I fell in love with it at age 16 and have been hooked ever since, though can't claim to have used it as a beauty product before. I'm intrigued and will be giving the toner a try the next time we have some jasmine in the house. Thank you for the great ideas!

    ♥ Jessica