Monday, July 27, 2015

thrift snapshots

Here is a look at what tempted me but did not come home with me from my thrift store outings last week.

Winnipeg brooch: I had this in my hands the whole time I was shopping. It was brass and from the 40's but the darn cowboy boot just didn't remind me of Winnipeg so I put it back... I not sure what would have been better but I couldn't see myself wearing it

1980's crescent moon brooch: I saw this brooch at two different thrift stores and both times I had it my hands but I couldn't really think of how I would wear it. The second one (this one) was worse for wear so I left it.

Aprons! I don't even know why I torture myself and go down that isle I have three too many already but I sure do like seeing the cute pockets on them.

This quirky thing reminded me of something Jonathan Adler would make. I rarely use bud vases so it wasn't hard to leave this behind.

I do hope my thrift trip this week brings me a find or two! Anybody else find something good last week?

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  1. What cool sightings!!! I would have snapped up both of those brooches for myself in a heartbeat. Any sort of Canadian themed jewelry is usually a big hit with me (I have a whole little collection of it) and the moon just plain beautiful.

    Those aprons are really charming, too. It always amazes me what great vintage, even in times of few sightings/finds, you have in Winnipeg. I am bound and determined to finally get out there and go shopping myself one of these years.

    Have a terrific Tuesday,
    ♥ Jessica