Thursday, August 27, 2015

August thrift finds

I don't think I have come home with more than two items from the thrift in months so my few finds this month definitely warranted a thrift round up. And no blue is not my favorite color but a lot of it found a new home with me.

brass leaf necklace: sadly it does not look like this anymore I tinkered with it... the paint was not original so I stripped it, that came out good. Then I google how to patina brass at home.... that is where things went wrong I used vinegar and salt but somehow it stripped all the patina off and not add it. The necklace is now bright brassy orange and not so cute, not sure what to do next with it, darn it!

primary blue 501: I do technically own one already and I try to make it a rule not to own two of something but it was in pretty good condition for what I have been seeing lately so it needed to come home with me.

vera neumann scarf: this was for my etsy shop signed patterned scarves are always a hit.

deadstock dish towels: I already opened these, the pastels the stripes they are all good.

azurite fire king creamer: I will admit I overpaid for this cutie but that is okay I have never seen this shade at the thrift before so it was a welcome change.

delphite refrigerator dish: Got this for a good price. I already own the 501 version of this on my way to a set!

Was August thrifting good to others?


  1. omg!! that creamer is so adorable! love the color!

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  2. Fantastic post dear! Love this so much.

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  3. Great pieces! I especially like the bracelet. I'm sorry that it is currently not in the best of states though. What about using some of the patina/aging products from the brand Vintaj on it? I don't have a lot of experience with them myself, but I've seen some stunning results online from jewelry makers who do utilize them.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica