Monday, August 31, 2015

last week in pictures

I didn't buy anything from the thrift last week but the first few hints of Halloween were being unpacked. This lovely yellow hat was marked as Halloween it was adorable but slightly too avant guard for me. I am assuming the store thought it was to be for an elf costume?

I do try to keep an eye out for others when thrifting I don't think I do the best job and probably leave things behind they would like. I tried my luck with this ring. It wasn't quite what my friend was looking for so it got left behind.

On Sunday I went to the Goodwill Social Club Smart Design Mart. I have been before with Sybil and really enjoyed it. This time however I don't know if it was the heat but I didn't stay long (hence no pictures) I did 'borrow" these adorable scatter pins from my etsy shop to wear for the day.

Me and my friend headed off to Naru Sushi on Osbourne and I tried something new to me the

If I am on Osbourne during store hours I will stop in vintage in the village. I did enjoy that black and gold radio and if your wondering where all the vintage sunglasses are in the city they are here! I tried on pretty much every pair, sadly none of them fit my face (even fancier ones were in the showcase). I came home empty handed but had a wonderful week.


  1. Rachel told me you were at the Goodwill last Sunday! We missed each other as I dropped by quickly there as well!

    As much as it's not my style, I adore that yellow hat! :D
    And yay for Naru!! One of my fave sushi places in the city.

    Have a great week.
    Animated Confessions

  2. So beautiful pics dear! Great selection


  3. Oh my word, that yellow hat!!! I would have swooped down on that in a heartbeat than guarded it like it was a bar of solid gold until I got it up to the checkout. :)

    Have a stellar Saturday!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. ahh yes of course I did not send you a picture of that one! It was gone the next time I went into the store so somebody did scoop it up fast. I should have a least tried it on, next time!