Wednesday, September 9, 2015

recent beauty hits, mehs and misses : drug store edition

I have been having pretty good luck trying out new to me products so here is a look at some easily accessible items from the drugstore! There aren't any links since these should be available at your favorite local shop.

nivea invisible roll one deodorant: My last clear deodorant was leaving white marks so I was on the hunt for something that would actually not leave white marks on my black tops. Enter Nivea, reviews online said it was great and I can concur that my black cami and tops and markless! The pink top version is heavily scented I would take the time to pick another scent next time but overall this was a hit.

garnier fructis full and plush: I tried this on a whim to battle thin, oily and static hair and it is amazing. My hair is not as oily the second day around which is the biggest win of all. My hair feels really nice with it and at $2.98 I couldn't ask for more. I will mention it is not very good in the humidity my hair did get pretty fluffy this summer.

annabelle single eye shadow in gleam: I mulled over this for a year it doesn't look all that appealing in the pot but online reviews swear it is the best subtle neutral shade. It is pretty much what I was looking for a shadow it isn't too frosty and makes my lids look lighter and isn't too dark that it looks like I have eye shadow on. If you wear cat liner this is the best "not there" base I have found.

rimmel extra 3D lash: Priced at $3.98 I bought this on a whim (I don't even know when it was released) I liked the look of the brush and it turns out it may be my new go to! The brush is plastic but small and can really get close to the lash line the mascara itself doesn't get clumpy and is not too wet.


maybelline eyestudio gel liner in eggplant: I used to live on this stuff while in school and cannot for the life of me remember the texture of it. Most people including me when the don't like something think they got a bad batch maybe I did who knows but this pot is very dry and hard to work with. I find the color sheer and it has to be layered. I don't like how it looks on the winged part you can see my skin peeking through. I had hopes of wearing purple liner this fall but I won't be using this one!

rimmel lift me up mascara: I was drawn to everything about this mascara but in real life I just wasn't a fan. The brush is quite big and I found it didn't deposit a lot of mascara on the lashes leaving them pretty thin and not full. It is very black and left mascara for days under my eyes.

Anybody else have a recent drugstore favorite?

wearing annabelle gleam eyeshadow, maybelline eggplant eye liner and rimmel extra 3D mascara


  1. oohh.. i use that roll on deodorant too!! :D definitely a hit for me as well!

    Animated Confessions

  2. I tried that same liner in black a few years back and was not overly impressed either. In fact, if memory serves me right, it was the last liner in a pot that I bought. I'm much more of a felt pen style gal, or failing that, a classic eyeliner pencil fan. I'm not saying I wouldn't use a pot liner, I've just never found one that had me rushing to write home about it. Perhaps one day I will.

    ♥ Jessica