Thursday, October 15, 2015

tips for amazing imperial cookies

Imperial cookies are an all time favorite or mine to make and eat! At parties hostesses have been know to hide my cookies away from others to make sure they have some left over the next day for themselves, this has happened more than once and is always such a compliment! Here are some tips I have learned and follow each time I make them.

The cookie:
I won't post my go-to recipe since it needs a lot of side notes a basic sugar or shortbread cookie base that is rolled out and cut with a cookie cutter will do. From experience the classic circle shape works best to be filled with jam you may cut out a peek-a-boo shape in the middle for extra glam.
  • I bake all my cookie bases ahead of time usually on a cold or rainy day and freeze them. This makes assembling them go by much quicker and allows for you to bring something on short notice.
  • I always assemble my cookies the night before and allow the icing and jam to meld in an airtight container overnight. I am pretty certain this trick makes for my uniquely soft imperials. 
The icing:
I always use a glaze that is 1/2 cup icing sugar + 1 tbsp water. I sometimes dip my cookies but often paint the icing on with a foundation brush that I only use for baking.
  • You can use tea, coffee or any extract (add in 5 ml extract and 10 ml water) you like instead of water, using water makes sure it can stay out on the counter safely. I often think of unique flavor combos and complement my icing with what ever filling I use. For example lemon icing is classic with raspberry jam. 
  • Get creative with your toppings! I used birthday sprinkles for a friends birthday and pumpkins for Thanksgiving. You can also paint them with food coloring.
The jam:
Fancy jams are nice but sometimes good old grocery store jam works just as well. Look for jams that are more "jelly" real fruit chunks can make it hard to sandwich the cookie.
  • Less is more, the weight of the cookie slowly squishes the jam throughout the day place a small amount in the middle of the bottom and allow it to spread on it's own. 
I think that is it, anybody else have any tips for making your best ever imperials?


  1. omg!! now, i want to try your imperial cookies! my boyfriend/fiance is obsessed with imperial cookies! when a cafe/bakery sells it, he has to try and taste it!

    Animated Confessions

    1. we can make it happen! if you give me notice next time there is an event we can meet up again:)

  2. Fantastic advice, sweet dear. Thank you so much!!! I might just have to swap out my usual Halloween sugar (or shortbread) cookies for a GF version of these classic lovelies this year.

    Have a fantastic Friday,
    ♥ Jessica