Sunday, October 11, 2015

Whurl : a vintage selling/buying app

my blouse is on here!
I downloaded the Whurl App about 6 months ago (it launched in Feb.) and think it is a wonderful idea. If you have not heard about it, here are my thoughts on it!

Whurl is a want based app, as a buyer you post a picture of the exact item you are looking for or as close to it as you can. As a vintage seller you only reply to a post if you think you have an item the person may be interested in. The app is free to buyers and charges 3% of sales from sellers, which is pretty standard no complaints.

I have posted a few items on there even though I have not sold anything that does not deter me. Due to shipping from Canada some items are not worth posting for me even though I have had the exact same thing in my closet. Most people shopping on here are looking for affordable finds so keep that in mind as a seller.

Right now if you live in Canada and post a "whurl" mention you want shipping to Canada the default is within the US same as when you post your shipping let people know where it is coming from.

I personally like using this app as a vintage seller to see what items people are looking for. I get stuck in my own love the 1940's and 50's. A lot of the "whurls" are for  1960's and 70's items and a lot more kitschy than expected so when I am out thrifting I can hopefully try and broaden my search for vintage items.

Have others tried this app? Do let me know your user name mine is @daphnelynnd


  1. I love the clothes,and thanks for your sharing.

  2. I caught wind of this app a few months ago, too, and think it's a good idea for sure, but haven't signed up and listed anything myself yet either for the same reason. Shipping costs. Though, interestingly, it sometimes costs the same or even more to ship the very same package from the States to Canada, because Americans are so used to low national shipping rates, some are not keen to pay Canada Post's prices and since I already have my Etsy shop (for true vintage items), I haven't compelled to launch on this platform yet. Perhaps one day, especially if it becomes more of an international marketplace.

    Happy Thanksgiving wishes, my lovely friend!
    ♥ Jessica