Thursday, November 19, 2015

last week in pictures

Last week I finally got around picking up some cozy candles made right here in Winnipeg by coal and canary. The pink one is specially made for jenna rae cakes and is scented with browned butter and sugar while chunky knit sweater (best name ever) is pumpkin and spice scented. These are made with a wood wick and I don't think I can go back, the crackling sound and how evenly they burn is just too wonderful.

Coal and Canary will be selling candles this weekend at the Signatures Craft show at RBC Convention Centre if you are in the area.

Since I was at jenna rae picking up a candle I of course had to bring home a few macarons. It just so happens the color pallet of the ones I picked up is what my dream wardrobe would be composed of. Creams, yellow and hopefully not too much black. None of this is a reality right now.

This was a tag from a lovely 50's party dress that was priced a tad too much at the thrift. The straps were broken and lets face it I don't wear party dresses all that often so I left it behind and waited to see if it was still around on the pre-sale for the 50% off sale, it was not...

How was last week for others?


  1. ooohh i smelled that jenna rae one and i actually like (not too sweet) i like the hint of cinnamon! I can't wait to hoard the holiday scents!!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  2. Fabulous tag! I always get the biggest thrill out of finding vintage garments with Canadian labels/tags in them, and few are more prestigious than that from The Bay's famed Mirror Room (aka, The Room).

    Have a great weekend!
    ♥ Jessica