Wednesday, November 4, 2015

last week in pictures

That sushi is so cute right? Well it wasn't very good, because I know my pallet isn't the most refined it could have just been me so I won't mention which restaurant it is from. For me I have found that sushi is one food that if I get a bad order I am off it for months. Right now I sadly have no desire to eat sushi; are other this way too or is it just me?

On Sunday was the last big antique sale put on by the Manitoba Antiques Association. One of my favorite sellers was there bitchin'kitsch'n'kitchen she seriously has items I have never seen in person before which included my holy grail fire king colonial bowls. I am addicted to mixing bowls and had to bring home the last two to finish off my set. She was also kind enough to gift me a few other items I have been not able to find including a lone jadeite dish to finish to tea set! She will be at the W.E.S.T Etsy sale this Saturday November 7th.

This "rant" is for fellow etsy sellers. Do you get bartered for items from people you don't know? I can understand people you follow on social media whom you have had contact with but...

Almost every time I get a convo it is from a customer low balling me on an item. I got two "offers" last week which was a record. My shop is priced affordable and I don't rely on it to pay rent but I mean...
I didn't entertain one offer since they owned a vintage shop of their own and I thought that was an odd thing to do to a fellow seller without any type of explanation why and secondly I have been bitten before by fellow etsy sellers who have bought my items only to relist them in their shops for 4x as much money.
The other offer is pictured above I let that one go which turned out to be just fine the shipping was less than quoted and I would have refunded that extra money back so it was pretty much on par with what I was asking.

Is this a thing that just happens to my shop? Do let me know your experiences.
That was my week, how was it for others?


  1. i remember you sharing this issue of reselling vintage items from your shop. it sucks that it keeps on happening with you too.

    Animated Confessions

  2. You're not alone in the slightest. I get such offers several times a month usually and the people who send them my way are rarely polite or kind about it. I've had offers as low as 80% of my asking price. In what world is it ever okay to approach a retailer, online or off, and ask something like that? I don't mind if someone want a small discount and is ideally very nice and friendly about it, but asking for an epic discount or even insulting my prices in the misguided hope that I'll drop it on the item they want is never going to happen - and shouldn't either. Us Etsy sellers are not a swap meet and we deserve to have our prices respected as much as any other retailer does (as you can tell, like yourself, I'm very passionate about this point!).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I just wanted to add that one way I approach this situation is by offering those who ask for a discounted price the same coupon codes that I send out to all those who make a purchase from my shop. That way if they do avail of them (one of the codes), it's more or less like if someone was a return, not a first time, customer, and thus I don't usually take a loss on what I have invested in a given piece by going this route.

      ♥ Jessica

    2. phew, I am not the only one! Your shop is priced so fair as well that I am surprised you get low balls too especially since you offer such great discount codes! I have your secret Santa one saved hopefully I get around to using it this season:)