Wednesday, November 11, 2015

lush mint julips vs pretty organics with this kiss sugar scrub

I decided to try out a new sugar lip scrub, and cheat on my lush mint julips. I did try and diy one and it just wasn't the same as buying one so for me I have no guilt buying sugar and oil... Here are my thoughts on these two vegan and all natural lip scrubs if you happen to be in the market for one this winter.

lush mint julips:
I have purchased this about 5 times now it smells and tastes like minty chocolate and one little jar lasts about 6-9 months when used once a week. It is pretty much pure sugar with some jojoba and essential oils mixed it.
It works wonders removing lipstick and the chapped lips you can get from some lipsticks. My only reason for not re-purchasing this one is how messy it can be. I was finding I was wasting so much products falling off my finger and lips into my sink that I went looking for something a bit more cream based.


pretty organics with this kiss:  (Canadian made!)
First off this jar is huge, it is definitely something you keep on your counter not in your purse. The size is what got me I do plan on using this daily all winter so this gave me the most bang for my buck. This one smells like minty oranges and it quite pleasant. It is coconut and shea butter based and it more creamy than sugary. This is much more subtle than the lush version. The pretty version offers a bonus of letting it sit on the lips for a few minutes for extra added moisture which is really, really nice and gives you a great base for your daily lipstick addition if you have one.

My overall thoughts are that I will be happy to use the pretty version this winter. I don't think I will reach for the lush version anymore but I feel there is a better mixture of the two out there. If anybody has any suggestions do share!

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