Sunday, November 29, 2015

thrift snap shots

I was able to spot quite a few vintage pieces last week which was a really nice treat! I don't actually "collect" pyrex and I do know when I am 100% not going to use and item... well sometimes. It was nice to see a rare piece in good condition. I hope it found a good home. It had gold and hearts I do deserve a pat on the back for this.

I had picked this for my shop but after I got it home tried to clean it up a bit I decided it wasn't the best fit. One of the reasons I only have 9 items in my shop right now is well I am picky although the color and tag was on point the sweater itself was off so I exchanged it and found this cute 1940's souvenir brooch for my shop instead.

I also picked up the above tortoise cat eye glasses for my shop. I have had good luck in the past selling three other pairs of vintage frames. These are beautiful 100% wishing my nose liked wearing this type of frame.

Anytime I can find a vintage sweater it is a good day although I almost didn't buy this one because it was black.  90% of my wardrobe is black and all of my vintage cardigans are black so I thought it wouldn't need another one... So glad I did decide to try this one on, it fits perfectly and is really unique. The collar, the square hand painted buttons...the vintage universe is trying to tell me I must wear black.

Next week I hope to get out thrifting again to look for my vintage secret Santa gift via chronically vintage.


  1. Stellar finds! I was thinking of you sooo much this week, as I hit up two VV's here in Vancouver, both for the first time. The prices were sky high (as others had told me for years they would be here) and there was (as one might expect) next to no pre-70d vintage in any departments, but it was still fun to pick through the VV offerings in a new town.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. glad to hear you were thinking of me Jessica! I would love to hit up VV's in other cities:)