Wednesday, December 9, 2015

beauty blues: sunday riley, herbivore and sweet spirit apothecary

Lately I have been adding quite a few blue toned skin care items to my routine. They may look scary in the bottle but they are not, they are filled with great naturally blue toned oils like German Chamomile and blue tansy. Here are my thoughts on them!

sunday riley luna sleeping oil: This is my second deluxe sample of this my first impressions were not so amazing so I took another sample and my thoughts are still the same. Totted as a retinol in an oil this is supposed to help with acne scars, pores and fine lines. I have noticed none of this. By all means if Sephora wants to give you a mini take it and try it but I wouldn't say this is worth the $130 price tag at least not for my skin...

herbivore blue tansy mask: I have only been using this for two weeks but I sure do like it. It has a really nice spreadable texture, tingles but is not overly strong. My skin has been acting so nicely since I started using aha + bha masks if you find yourself prone to break outs I would 100% suggest adding a mask like this to your routine. It is a luxe buy but 100% worth it in my opinion

sweet spirit apothecary bright eyes under eye elixir: The first ingredient is coffee oil so a no brainier there for me to roll that on my eyes in the morning. I do like this oil but sadly I have to accept that no product will "fix" my tired eyes. My eyes are still puffy and dark circles still visible but by no fault of this roller. It is made locally with great ingredients I am sure it is better to keep using under my eyes than anything else.

Anybody else tried the new wave of blue beauty?


  1. Goodness, do I hear you about bags under your eyes. Some days I feel like I could pack for an around-the-world cruise with mine. ;)

    Have a great weekend, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. The products are absolutely amazing! :)