Monday, December 28, 2015

favorite thrifted, gifted and vintage finds of the year

Up until this year I had never been able the thrift a turquoise pyrex piece. This year I found four (another snowflake piece is not pictured). To find all of these priced under $3.99 was a real treat. I wouldn't mind if the good glassware luck continues into the new year.

Lisa from BitchinKitschKitchen (a local etsy seller than sells at markets) had some real gems for me. She gifted me the lonely jadeite saucer and white glasbake mug since every time I visit her booth I look for the same darn things. I purchased my holy grail mixing bowl set from her as well this year. It was the most expensive vintage item I have bought in a long time but well worth it, they are perfect for baking.

I didn't find much in terms of jewellery but the few pieces that did make it's way into my collection are keepers! This is a horrible picture but I like to look for anything brass, 1940's, bird themed or in a unique color/shape.

Mind the glasses I really did wish they fit me but they are for sale in my shop. The 1940's knit sweater is the thrift gem of the year (very hard to photograph though!). I rarely find vintage clothes that fit me. I maybe find one item a year, this year it was the above sweater for $5.49.

For 2016 I am going to be hunting down and trying on more clothes and really trying to have a second hand wardrobe (a post will be on that next week) hopefully the thrift gods agree with me on this and send along more things that fit me.

How was 2015 for others in terms of vintage? Find any holy grail items?


  1. That is absolutely awesome about the sweater and goodness, do I hear you about the scarcity of finding mid-century pieces at a thrift store that fit you. I can go years now (if we take accessories and jewelry out the picture) between when that happens. In fact, I'm struggling to even remember when the last time was that it happened. I've gotten almost of all of my vintage clothes from online sources, vintage shops, antique shops, or as gifts for years now.

    Fingers crossed your good luck on the Pyrex front continues in 2016 and beyond!

    Have a wonderful New Year's celebration, my friend!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What great finds!

    I know it's not vintage (like at all), but my holy grail thrift store find this year was a copy of the game Dream Phone! It had all the parts and the phone even works. I was pretty surprised to see it there because I had been looking for YEARS. All it took was going to Ontario ;)

  3. Congratulations n your finds
    I'm a jewellery junkie myself and I had a really amazing thrift year. But my biggest splurge was a gold victorian buckle ring set with turquoise.
    I love your jewels, is the leaf brooch amberor bakelite? It's pretty adorable.