Friday, December 11, 2015

this week in pictures

My Saturday started off great with an overnight etsy order. Even though I have all my packing supplies pre-cut and ready to go it somehow still takes me half an hour to package things.... but look at the zip code I am pretty sure that is as close to 90210 I am ever going to get via my etsy shop.

I went thrifting and thrifting trying to find items for my vintage secret santa (via chronically vintage). As luck would have it the vintage had run dry when I wanted it. I did enjoy finding two iconic Canadian brands just hanging out in the sweater section, sadly they didn't fit me. I came home empty handed

I managed to wrap up my gift super cute using a vintage label from an ephemera package sent to me last year by my secret santa. I cannot wait to see what to see if anything arrives next week from my match. I have no control it will be opened as soon as it comes.

How was the week for others?


  1. I absolutely adore this! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  2. I miss Eatons (and Zellers) so much. We've lost so many great Canadian companies in the past twenty or so years. How cool that those two tags were so close together. I wonder if the staff member that put them out did it on purpose or if it was purely coincidental?

    ♥ Jessica