Wednesday, December 23, 2015

vintage snap shots

Last week a new salvation army opened up by my house. I will admit salvation army's are third on my list of favorite thrift shops so I was happy to find a few bits of vintage my first visit. The tooled leather had it not been custom named would have made it straight into my collection. It is now listed in my etsy shop, if Judy is your name you are one lucky gal! The turquoise snowflake has seen better days but I love it and will have no guilt using it since it has seen a party or two.

The pink tree shockingly did not come home with me. It is a very rare sight to see such a holy grail vintage Christmas items for a fair price at the thrift. I just in no way could justify a pink tree right now. I know I will probably never see another...

I received a lovely message from my match in the secret santa exchange letting me know she loved my choices! You made my day Julliette.

As well I received by package from Jessica of chronically vintage. It was filled with a lovely assortment of items that I can use for my etsy shop (the maple leaf stickers will look great on my return addy labels) and beauty items for me to try. As well as one truly lovely 1940's coro pegasus swallow brooch I have had my eye on for while now in her shop. Her shop is currently 30% off and I went to purchase it for myself only to find it gone, since it was already in the mail for me:)

I hope everyone has a great holiday break!

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  1. How exciting that a new thrift shop opened up in your area. It's been ages (when we got a VV here) since that has happened around our town. Hopefully it will continue to bring some great pieces your way as time goes on.

    Thank you very much for posting about the VSS gifts that I sent you, lovely Daphne. I adored having years of knowing each other online to help guide my choices. I hope that you enjoy everything for a long time to come.

    Happiest holiday season wishes!
    ♥ Jessica