Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 style goals

Every year pretty much like clock work on New Years day I try to re-arrange my bedroom (this year it pretty much looks exactly the same) I clear out my closet and try to take note of my bad clothing habits. I have been thrifting my wardrobe for years but seem to not actually come home with anything for reasons which will be listed below. This year I am going to try and actually enjoy getting dressed again (in winter this is really hard) add a bit of color (for real I cannot buy black unless it is vintage...) and thrift 95% of what I buy. This actually shouldn't be too hard online shopping doesn't work for me and I tend not enjoy the mall I just need to be more open.

My current closet:
Contains 32 items (not including pants, pajamas, jackets oh and that includes my summer wardrobe. Yes I pretty much wear the same thing everyday.) 
20 items are BLACK or black with a pattern on top, which really doesn't count.
5 are polka dots (won't be stopping that)
9 are vintage (with 4 items being dresses I have never worn)
I do want to grow my vintage options. I only own vintage jewelry and purses but can't quite expand my clothing repertoire.

The bad things I currently do:
  • Not try things on! I did this just last week with a vintage green pullover, when I felt un-lazy and went back a few days later and it was gone...I really don't like trying things on but I need too with my petite frame. Not exactly sure how I am going to re-train myself on this one...
  • Go on pintrest after I have been thrifting. On my day off from work I go thrifting during the day and go on pintrest at night. While on pintrest I find many inspiring outfits or images that remind me of the items I saw during the day which of course I did not try on and now want too. Every week this happens...
  • Don't hesitate as much...even though every time it happens I tell myself okay next time don't put that back and of course I do. I have too many thrift regrets to mention.

Habits I have changed in the past year:
I used to come home with mini vintage beaded purse all the time but last year I was able to admire them and move on.
Buy more accessories. I have been finding belts and scarves although I am working on actually wearing them I never used to buy belts at the thrift, no clue why!

Things I look for in clothing when thrifting:
Is it vintage of course! But beside that for me and my frame I like crew necks, 3/4 length sleeves, knit fabrics and button up blouses. If you have one of these elements I will pick you up and not try you on. The goal in my head is to look for items that are well fitting, simple and mix them with vintage elements.

For this year and on my blog I would like to try and document trying to own/buy and wear a second hand wardrobe, maybe learn to take a good picture or two as well!

Things that are inspiring me right now, are the whole capsule wardrobe movement and this capsule wardrobe video by Viviannadoesmakeup is more modern than my tastes but so well done and this one by Alli Cherry is filled with thrifted items and well this one from mademoiselle is very well done too!

Do others take the new year to change up their style?


  1. Very much so! Each year I make a list, mood board, or even blog post about some of the things that I'm currently feeling most inspired by on the fashion front and then really try to let them guide a fair number of my outfit choices in the coming months. They're not a set of rules, of course, but taking cues from them can be a great way to help my looks feel fresh and exciting, which most of us want when getting dressed to begin with.

    Best of luck with everything, my friend. I hope that you have a terrific year on the wardrobe (and all other) front(s)!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Throughout the years, I've learned to downsize my closet which I'm quite proud of. With my upcoming wedding and 'moving to my own place', I know I really need to work on not accumulating too much stuff. :)

    On a more sentimental note, cheers to the new year, Daphne! It was really great finally meeting you in 2015. Hopefully, we can catch up one time again! :D

    Happy New Year!
    Animated Confessions

    1. Yes! Sybil, it was really great to cross off meeting up with other local bloggers this year. I am sure your new place and wedding (all exciting things) will be superb. Can't wait to see how they turn out this year!