Monday, January 18, 2016

new on etsy

This month so far I have added 6 new items to my shop! Most of which are from my closet/items I bought for myself but had second thoughts on. I still need to get better at picking items and not keeping all the vintage!

peach blouse: this has been mine for years I do hope it finds a good home I have had a hard time finding a good undershirt for it I have only worn it once of twice myself.

federal glass dot bowls: I found myself a new set of mixing bowls after owning these for a year I noticed I didn't actually like using them for baking as much as I thought I would. I do have a thing for bowls but have decided to pass these on
navy leaf hat: you can tell by my bad "selfie" there is a bit of gaping on me. I do have a really small head so I am sure it will fit another person perfectly. If it doesn't sell I won't be too sad I will have to keep it...

tooled leather purse: this is the only item I actually "picked" for my shop I do wish it hadn't been custom made but what can you do the leather and purse itself where in such great condition I couldn't leave it behind.
starburst locket: I "made" this using vintage elements from my jewelry bucket. I do want to have elements of hand made items in my shop and this one is a beaut in my opinion.

black western style belt: I bought this for myself since I am in need of a black belt. This one is fabric and sadly didn't hold up my pants! It is more for fashion but lovely otherwise.

My shop is still super tiny with only 10 items in it. Hopefully this year I work on growing it more #goals.

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  1. That hat makes me swoon each time I see it. Soooo lovely!

    ♥ Jessica