Friday, January 15, 2016

thrift snapshots

This sweater was the only vintage clothing item I spotted this week. It was marked a small but sadly wasn't.
If you live in Winnipeg and thrift you should know that the Salvation army on Empress sets up a vintage book market a few times a year, I have no idea where they all come from. Right now they have 4 isles set up with books from the 1900's-1940's in every language and topic.  I couldn't find one to come home with me this trip, but will be back.

One vintage dream of mine is to own a vintage hat. This week I was able to cross that off my list! Although now that I have a hat in my possession it may make it's way into my shop soon. I am not sure when/where I would ever wear this but it is really a work of art!
The flower brooch I passed on last week was still in the shop so I snapped it up and put it on my coat. I am really liking how it looks and am glad it was still there for me.

No luck on trying on any clothing for my thrifted closet goal, hopefully next week I get on that.


  1. Love old books and your brooch is beautiful!

  2. A gorgeous vintage hat and oodles of old school books in the same post. Swoon and swoon again! What a stunning chapeau. I just adore intricately cut ones like this. Awesome foray into the world of vintage hat buying, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica