Wednesday, February 24, 2016

february thrift finds

Like last month I spent less than $10 at the thrift + $10 at a flea market. I did find a jadeite bowl for $3 so I am not complaining. I have yet to bring home any clothing items, making my goal of expanding my vintage wardrobe pretty far off. I dropped off some donations some of which were vintage in hopes of giving me some good thrift karma for next month!

I also come home with a pair of vintage pillow cases, these may seem like a thrift store staple but boy have I had a hard time finding a set with some yellow to match my blanket. Can't wait to buy some new sheets and get my bed ready for spring.

What did others find this month at the thrift?


  1. i was wondering if you have checked out this vintage/antiques place just across the pennyloaf bakery (corydon + lilac). they have cheap glasswares (not sure if it's your taste, but everything in the store is around $5 or below). just thought of you, when i went there last weekend!

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  2. Hi Sybil! I do think I know of the place you mentioned but it seems to be closed whenever I am down there so I have not been in years! Glad to hear it is affordable I may have to try harder to check it out.

  3. Beautiful post dear! I like this a lot.

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