Wednesday, February 10, 2016

last week in vintage

There really has not been much to look at the thrift stores so far this new year. Last week I was unable to find any vintage clothing but I was optimistic that I would soon find a gem or two.  I ended up coming home with vintage thread just in case I need to do any minor fixes to my potential finds.

It is almost "spring" aka it is still -29 here in Winnipeg. That means for the next few months there will be a variety of pop-up vintage markets. Last weekend was a flea market which had a variety of vendors this time not many were vintage. I almost came home empty handed but decided to take a chance on the below jadeite shakers. They were originally covered in grease + paint and were priced at $10. I had already put them down twice since I am kinda of a cheapo but I took them home and they cleaned up very nice. As it turns out if you are going to buy jadeite shakers these are the ones to get. They are worth quite a bit more than the price I paid for them. I will be keeping them and hope to find a modern lid to fit them so I can use them!

How was last week for other in terms of finding vintage gems?


  1. i have a bunch of thread like that! I love it :)

  2. Love this! Have an awesome day! xx

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  3. Those spools of thread are just gorgeous! I'd put them in a lovely bowl (away from direct sunlight and moisture) and use them as a decor piece.

    Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend, sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Love your posts! Where do you find out about these 'pop up' shops? I live in Winnipeg and only hear about them after the fact.

    1. Hi, nice to have a fellow local reader!
      You have to be a bit proactive and follow places/people online to find out about most events.

      This one was put on by the Manitoba Antiques Association.
      The Winnipeg Etsy sellers also offer markets.

      Local vintage seller netti + min, luckygirl studios, third and bird and wildwoodrose vintage market are others to look into that often host pop-up events:)

      Hope this helps. Sometimes I will do a round-up of local events when there seems to be a bunch falling on one weekend.

  5. cute colors for those threads!
    can't wait for the spring pop ups!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions