Monday, February 8, 2016

naked skincare winnipeg

I stumbled across naked skincare a few months back on instagram and pretty much could not wait for my current skin care items to be used up so I could try out the brand. The time has come and right now my skincare routine contains five locally made products. These three are real gems!
Naked skincare is fabulously priced for the product quality you get.

cleansing oil: This is one of the items I was most excited to try out luckily for me my friend sent this over as a present so I was able to try the brand out and get a good impression before I bought more products.
The oil itself is nice and thick - it won't squirt out or immediately run through your fingers. You are able to really massage it into the skin to break down the days make-up as part of a double cleanse routine.  The packaging is also fantastic the bottle has a very easy to use locking spout.

floral toner: It is winter so I decided to try out a toner to add extra hydration to my skin. I personally have oily skin + some blemishes this toner has been soothing and has worked well for me. It smells wonderful and the sprayer on the bottle gets your skin damp but not face full wet face.
I have also been using it to spray my make-up sponge when blending out my foundation and it has been truly lovely.  The herbal toner will be next on my hit list for sure.

balancing salve: (now in oil form) This was another item I could not wait to try. I personally don't like using polysporin or products like that on my blemishes but prefer all natural salves like this on. For this purpose this salve has been amazing. A little really does go far you get a great sized tub for the price. I have tried this as a "balancing" oil on my oily skin and it wasn't ideal for me but nothing can control my oil!

Overall I am really happy to have these in my current skin care routine.
You can find naked skincare on instagram, etsy and via her website.

balancing slave - I did start off using a spatula but my fingers did get in there...


  1. oohh, i really want to try that salve! :D looks like an interesting product!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  2. That salve looks so good! I have permanently dry skin, so lotions like that make me want to dive head first straight into a vat of them. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. mmmmm yes my skin has been unquishable as of late too. It is currently sold out but they offer a nourishing salve which might be right up your alley!