Wednesday, February 3, 2016

tips for cooking with tea

I just love the speckles tea makes.
Much like my post of tips for making imperial cookies this post will be ramblings on what I have learned over the years. I love baking with tea and coffee and pretty much have tried to put it in anything and everything you can think of. Some times things work out others not so much so if you are thinking about baking with tea hopefully these may help you.

less is more:
As a rule 1 tbsp loose tea then ground up in a coffee grinder is plenty for a batch! I can never get this and add more making the tea flavor overwhelming. When baking with tea you want an elegant hint, not obvious.

picking your blend:
As tempting as it is to use tea special blends, the classics always turn out better. For example I have made cookies and cakes with lavender earl grey, pink earl grey, cream of earl grey, fruit teas, green teas you get it and nothing comes out as good as classic earl grey or simple green. Teas that are floral sound amazing but bake weird I can't explain why but I never finish eating a batch of cookies that I have made using a fancy blend. 

picking your cookie/cake:
There is a reason most tea infused recipes are made with a shortbread cookie base. The butter and harder texture just works. Loose tea in cakes also works well since it is a soft texture. Picking something in between like a brownie or chocolate chip cookie the flavor seems to gets lost.

use it as a liquid!
For cakes that call for water or milk (not buttermilk) you can substitute tea or coffee no problem. This is probably my favorite way to use tea in cakes. It is subtle but you know there is a little something something in there.

use it in the icing:
Making tea infused icing is really easy and will give you the elegant subtle taste easily. You can add the loose tea to the butter when whipping if making a butter cream (use less than a tablespoon, maybe half ground up) or strong brewed tea as the liquid if making a glaze or add loose tea in the glaze too.

I think that is it. If you have tried baking with tea and have tips to add or a favorite recipe just let me know in the comments!


  1. oohhh it would also be nice to include some of your favourite tea-infused goods based here in the city! :D (especially for non-bakers like me, haha!)

    Animated Confessions

    1. I was 100% thinking of that Sybil! Whenever I see a tea related item on a menu or instagram I am there. Just tried the earl grey cookie sandwich and london fog macaron from Jenna Rae this week:)

  2. Wonderful tips! Have you tried tea in a cheesecake. It's really lovely, especially if citrus is also involved in some capacity.

    Big hugs & happy start of February wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. You know what Jessica I don't know if I have tried that! Thank you for the suggestion I may have to get in on that.