Thursday, March 31, 2016

March thrift finds

March was pretty good in the thrift department. I found a few items for me and few for my shop. Most of my thrift gems came from the 50% Value Village sale as you can see in this post. This month I tried really hard to find new to me clothing items as one of my goals this year is to only buy second hand. I am so fickle with clothes and can never tell what will become a wardrobe staple and what will sit forever unworn so I like to spend as little money as possible no clothes. I found nothing January or February but March made up for that.

Here is what has been added to my wardrobe.

Black 1960's knit beaded top $3: I love that it is vintage and how comfy it is to wear! It is however hand wash only and cropped making it a bit of a pain to wear. But for the price I really do love it.

Joe Fresh oatmeal sheer button blouse $5: This is boring but I needed something new to wear to work. I like to wear bright lipstick at work so this shirt will balance it out. I already own this shirt in green so I knew it would be something I would wear.

1950's yellow knit top $6: I adore vintage knits so a yellow one is fabulous! The only pitfall I have learned from wearing this so far it the neckline is quite high and I get my make-up on the collar when I put on/take it off. I did think my foundation was transfer proof but this shirt tells me otherwise...

Did others have luck this month finding good thrift items?


  1. I love these posts!
    All my best thrift store finds this month were clothes for my daughter or my friend's daughter haha I found the cutest little vintage dress for a baby, as well as some adorable little velvet overalls. Less excited about what I saw for me ;)

  2. Thank you Alysa.
    Your finds sound absolutely great! the kids section is one area right now I don't need to look in which is a good thing I would be in the store for the whole day looking at literally everything:p

  3. That yellow top is downright dreamy! Fantastic find - and just the perfect colour for springtime, too.

    ♥ Jessica