Tuesday, March 8, 2016

value village 50% sale and pre-sale finds

I usually don't go sale days but tend to shop the Friday before and pay full price for anything I like. This time it was lovely outside so I decided to go and see what was left for me and boy were there some gems!
I like to collect items from the 1940's they are hard to find but it seems most thrift shoppers aren't coveting these items. The above bird brooch was priced for $1.99 at full price, still on the rack on a Sunday all crazy things to me. I love it so much and it is a great addition to my "hoard" of bird brooches.
This was supposed to be a "pick" for my shop. It is a wonderful 1960's does 1940's knit and beaded top. I made the mistake of trying it on when I got home. It is a bit big but the boxy shape makes it look cute. My goal of trying and wearing new styles and colors just isn't happened!

This was super cheap on sale so I decide to "pick" it for my shop. There are elements I really do like about it but it is nowhere near my size so selling it isn't hard.

ahhh yeah I come home with a pot. Housewares aren't on sale but this is a mint, mid century danish enamel pot in yellow!  I have visions of browning butter for baking or making gravy in this little

Do others like to go the value village sales? After my success this time I may make more of an effort!


  1. Great finds! Do the VV's in Manitoba still include jewelry in the 50% off sales? The ones in BC and Alberta haven't done so in many years, so for that reason I don't feel bad if I miss a sale or two throughout the year (given that I go there for the jewelry first and foremost, as such is often the only area in the VV stores around here with pre-1980s wearable items).

    Have a terrific week, dear gal,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Sadly jewelry is full price on sale days. I think once I did get a members email with a jewelry sale but it doesn't happen often. that is my favorite area as well!