Friday, April 8, 2016

sephora samples mini review

I don't know why but  I am a complete sucker for sephora point perks and mini beauty samples. I will admit even after all these years I am still not very good at being patient for samples I know I will use (like face masks) but come home with pretty much whatever looks cute. Here is a quick mini review on the samples I have received so far this year and if I would repurchase them in the full size. Nothing will be linked since they can all be found at

bite beauty agave lip mask: I love bite beauty so this was great to try. The masks themselves are thick but melt into your lips making them great as an overnight treatment. The one with the shimmer and red tint made no sense to me but the natural one would be my pick. For me I find the full sized version a bit pricy for what it is but if you feel like treating yourself...
Would I repurchase in full size? no

bareminerals lash domination mascara: This sample was free at the checkout and wow it is the tiniest mascara sample I have ever seen almost to its fault. It is 1.5ml or the size of a sample perfume vial. Either way it is too tiny to use properly I kept poking my eye with my fingers and did not have favorable times with this. It seems pretty similar to my HG rimmel so I am not tempted to look at the full size.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

philosophy take a deep breath eye cream: I had an itch to buy an eye cream which I knew would be a waste of money so I took this sample instead. It scratched my itch and cost me nothing. I personally have never found an eye cream to work for me and this one was no different. I got 2 weeks use out of it and cannot see much of a change in terms of puffiness or darkness. The cream itself was light and dried nice on the skin making it good to use in the morning.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick in radish (point perk): I was a little whipped when I saw the email containing this sample. I drove down to the store and well made them get it from the back for me (yes, I am that kind of customer) I don't regret it this lipstick is so nice and something I would have bought for myself getting it for free was a treat. Bite beauty does do bright lipsticks so well. This shade is a deep magenta and wears for hours.
Would I repurchase in full size? yes I bought the shade Fig recently.

dr. brant pores no more primer (point perk): I have been having a heck of a time with my oily skin! I have heard good things about this and yes similar to benefits porefessional this is a peach toned cream than blends over pores seamlessly. The only fault of it, is that it did not help with my oily skin. I will use my sample since it is nice on the skin but must keep an eye out for something else.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

sunday riley tidal cream: I blame British beauty bloggers for making me want to try this. It claims to be a moisturizing enzyme brightening cream. I should have know I was not going like this. My skin does not get on very well with night creams and this one made my skin, sticky and shiny. The few days I did use it I just didn't like how my skin felt at all so it got put away. I may pass it on the  friend....
Would I repurchase in full size? no

nude gentle detox fizzy powder cleanser:  I don't know why I took this sample I have no intention of changing my cleanser plus I have tried powder ones before and don't care for them. Because of all of that I have yet to try this one.... My friend might also get this one to try as well!

ren instant brighten beauty eye shot cream: again on my eye cream kick I took this. Hmmm what to say.... I did notice it felt like it was tightening the under eye skin but not where any puffiness was. I also found it did not mix well with concealer/foundation and left cakey marks where the cream had dried. Overall not a huge fan.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

fresh peony brightening night treatment mask: truth be told all I saw was peony and mask and blocked out the fact that it was an overnight cream mask. My skin is weird I can't have cream on it overnight so for me I did not like how this felt on my skin. It did smell wonderful and my skin looked soft but no magic overnight results from a one time use.
Would I repurchase in full size? no

and there you have it a look at my hoard of beauty sample! What kinds of samples do you like to take and do they ever sway you to purchase the full size version?


  1. i really want to get myself an eye cream of some sort too!! i was looking into trying that philosophy one. but maybe, i should try researching something else first.
    still haven't tried those bite lipsticks (but i've heard they're great!). might have to use my point perks for that!

    1. Hi Sybil,
      My all time favorite eye cream is from 100% pure. It is their coffee bean cream. You sadly have to order it online but if you ever see it on a site you like I would recommend that one!
      The philosophy cream was just to light to be an eye cream in my opinion.

  2. Love this! I enjoyed reading your post dear.

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  3. What lovely reviews. The lip masks really appeal to me. I have perma-dry lips all year round (worst usually in the winter) and even though I exfoliate and moisturize them like crazy, they're still usually hurting for moisture. I'll have to look into the ingredients of these ones and see if they'd work for me. Thanks for the fun intro.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica