Wednesday, April 27, 2016

the week so far in pictures

On Friday I couldn't resist the temptation from Instagram and headed down to mad about style to pick up coal and canary's new candle super powers and fresh cut flowers. I am a huge floral fan and this candle is so light and fresh no doubts about my choice. When I visited margot and maude a few weeks back I was so so good and did not go into jenna rae cakes but Friday morning they posted a new flavour of white wine ganache that I knew a friend would love so I went it and didn't do too much damage for a change! 

Today (aka Wednesday) I was invited to attend a blogger event for JOEY restaurant. I loved this event last year and was happy to see what would be new this year. @shelzolkewich took the most amazing shot (along with many others) of JOEY's new in house made ice cream. It is made from liquid nitrogen and has the most creamy texture! I also ate pretty much all of the market salad on the table...more pictures to come in another post.  @pegcitylovely was also at the event snap chatting and posting it up if you want to hear/see about the blueberry mojito which was an all around favorite.

I made such poor thrift decisions this week! I had a 30% off coupon about to expire so I bought well things I didn't need. I have not thrifted anything so far this month so I wanted to come home with at least something. So a leather belt for my shop (although it is not the best quality) and a 501 lid came home with me. Apparently in the store I blocked out how badly damaged it it will most likely not be used it is pretty terrible. I somehow decided to turn down a milk glass platter...somedays...

This weekend should be a good one though Winnipeg Etsy is hosting a pop-up event as well as third and bird! What do others have planned?


  1. Perhaps the lid could be repurposed into something like a shallow catch all or jewelry dish if it's not overly fit for actual kitchen use.

    Have a great tail end of April,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. ahh yes I do like prettier things for uses like that. I am so fickle with the quality of my vintage I will probably donate it back:P

  2. eeep! house made ice cream!?!! so sad i missed all that yummy goodness, but totally checking out blogs/IGs for the other bloggers in the event! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

    1. mmm yes salted caramel, almond maples and double chocolate....Obviously work is more important:P You would have enjoyed it maybe next year things will work out!