Thursday, April 21, 2016

this week in pictures

After not selling any items for over a month I got a welcomed flood of orders this week. I said goodbye to some very nice pieces. Ahh how I wish the celluloid necklace would have worked with my wardrobe... I do need to be patient and stick to mailing items on certain days. I made a few extra trips to the post office than I needed too by not sticking to a schedule.

I have not thrifted one item this month, sadly there has been not much to look at in terms of vintage or even tempting modern finds... When this happens I get the urge to come home with anything vintage I see. The above wallet would have tempted me you know because it is leather, but I learned last month that these do not work for modern day life. I bought one only to find out money does not actually fit in and neither do receipts etc for cute storage purposes. If you see one of these try putting your desired items in it at the store before you buy:)

Has has this week been for others?

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  1. Great tip about vintage wallets! They can make cute business cars holders often, if one is willing to tote such a large item around for such a purpose.

    Have a fabulous Friday,
    ♥ Jessica