Tuesday, May 17, 2016

a few tea infused treats that I have tried in the city....

I do love to bake with tea but I also love to pick up tea creations from local bakeries as well. When I began to think about it so far this year I have ate a lot of tea infused treats. As per a great suggestion from Sybil here is a look and mini review of some of those goodies!

pinky's bakery
I got the chance to visit pinky's this week for the first time and their menu did not disappoint there were many tea infused items for me to choose from. I was good and only picked up a few (I sadly did not try the thai tea milk....) The macarons from pinky's are very light and fluffy, they also have a good amount of "chew" to them. I tried the matcha which was not very sweet but good, and the raspberry earl grey which was such a nice combo! I also picked up an earl grey sandwich cookie. It 100% looks like something I would make myself. It wasn't very strong on tea flavour but super soft and wonderful. 

jenna rae cakes
There are no pictures by me of what I have tried at jenna rae's because I eat them pretty fast. The one day I went I pretty much come home with all the earl grey treats a girl could ask for. They offer earl grey cookie sandwiches which are quite unique but not my personal favorite (I have ate two just to make sure) I also didn't love the london fog cookie gems but I do think in general I just tend to not like london fog items as their macarons in the same flavour were not a hit with me. That being said their earl grey creme brule macarons which offers a caramel infused with earl grey filing are my favorite tea treat. I can't follow them on instagram because I get way to tempted when they post their tea infused treats.

high tea bakery
Besides offering an amazing assortment of loose tea for tasting and purchase high tea also offers a fantastic earl grey shortbread cookie. I do think the tea blend they use for this is what makes it special I have yet to be able to make a tea infused cookie that taste anything like this one. It is buttery, and not too bitter from the amount of tea in the cookie. Definitely a favorite of mine.

I have yet to try these but Sybil also recommends the matcha chocolate bar from @alicjaconfections and the matcha among others from @ohdoughnuts.

Do you have a favorite tea infused treat in the city?


  1. A resounding "yum" across the board!

    Have a fantastic weekend, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. ooohh yeah!!! yay for matcha! (gosh, I'm only catching up to blogposts now since coming back from my vacation!)

    Have a great week ahead!
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