Thursday, May 26, 2016

may thrift finds

May turned out to be a bit more exciting at the thrifts than April. I did not manage to find any clothing (modern or vintage) for me so that wasn't the best. I did however find some really great deals for under $20 I managed to pick up everything shown which is pretty great considering most stores are upping their prices lately.

I found the above 1970's leather purse and hair scarf at the Sargent Ave MCC. Both items are now listed for sale in my shop, if they don't sell I have no problem keeping them for myself!

I came home with some wonderful 1940's fired on glass pieces. The jadeite green bowl I have no clue who makes it while the delphite blue refrigerator dishes are federal glass. I used to own one which I sold, so yes I came home with two more. These dishes have added to my list of lids I need to keep an eye out for.

At the Goodwill I found a wonderful Vera silk scarf which I placed in my shop as well as a few leather belts. I bought the tooled one for me but it needed a new buckle so I bought the above one to steal the buckle. None of that happened I kept the top one for myself and placed the other belt in my shop as well.

On the last thrifting day of the month I managed to find myself a pair of 1950's sunnies. I have always wanted a pair of these, needless to say I was super excited about this find. Only a slight adjustment to the tension and these are good to go!

Next month I do hope to get back at being excited to try and find clothes for myself. I like accessories just a bit too much.
How was May for others in terms of vintage finds?


  1. I didn't find much for clothes this month (but I wasn't really looking because of being pregnant.. it feels sad to buy things that you can't try on for a while) but I did really well with books! I got a beautiful copy of The Secret Garden :)

  2. Those sunglasses are jaw droppingly stunning! What an incredible thrift store find. Way to go!!!

    Have a beautiful Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Totally loving the pieces here!

    Jule Avenue