Thursday, May 5, 2016

my current made in manitoba favorites

Over the past year I have come across some really great locally made products. Here is a look at what I have been loving!

coal and canary candles : I own three of these (block out the fact that all my money is in candles) I adore the wood wick and how easy these are to light and trim. They burn clean and smell heavenly. Chunky knit sweater is my favorite out of the ones that I own. And dang now they have come out with a Winnipeg scented one...

sweet spirit apothecary root and petal balm : I bought this last year at the lucky girl pop-up sometimes with all natural products they have a short shelf life but this one is still going strong. I use this to add hydration and plump my lips before applying lipstick. I am not a lip gloss or balm girl so for me to keep reaching for the same product is saying something.

naked skin care cleansing oil : I double cleanse when washing my face at night and this cleansing oil removes my face make-up like no other. My cotton pad is always a horrifying shade of peach every night which is a good thing ( although I don't love this to remove my eye make-up). I am just shy of the half way mark and contemplating order a back -up! Naked skin care offers coupon codes on thier intsa account (hint hint there is one good until Sunday)

just the goods lavender deodorant : I have only used this less than a week but alreay know this is my new HG deodorant. If you are familiar with all natural deodorants you will know it is hard to find a good one that won't make you smell worse than if you just went commando. I actually had stopped wearing deodorant because of this fact but no more! 
This one dries down fast and powdery (but doesn't leave noticeable white marks) while retaining the essential oil scent. One word of advice is to pick your scent wisely. I can smell the lavender on me for a good half hour after applying it and also when I did sweat. Make sure you love the scent as it does not tend to dissipate like most essential oil products. 

Do others have locally made products they like to share?


  1. hhmm.. i should look into that deodorant!! :D
    and yeah! i can't wait to smell that new coal and canary candle!

    Animated Confessions

  2. Those candles sound amazing! I'm a big candle buyer/user myself as well and really enjoy a good wood wick variety, too.

    ♥ Jessica