Monday, May 23, 2016

recent beauty buys

Here is a look at some hits and missed from the beauty buys I have been trying recently! I didn't link the items but put the store where I bought them since you may have your favorite place to shop for items.

essence sun club lighter skin bronzer (real canadian super store) this was a mere $2.99, it is really big and made for pale skin so I gave it a go. It smells like coconut and blends very well! It does sadly turn a bit orange during the day. I am using this to get in the hang of doing a cheek bone contour. I do like it and once I get good I may upgrade to a more pricey option or learn to use a lighter hand with this one...but I like it!

joe fresh highlighter in champagne (real canadian super store) I bought this since it was $6 and much cheaper compared to the expensive ones at sephora. Sadly I do not love this one, it is a bit chalky and is more of a glitter highlighter than a glowy shimmer. I have been using it for day time wear since it is pretty subtle and good for pale skin. It just doesn't compare to the champagne highlighters put out by thebalm or becca.

maybelline better skin concealer in ivory (walmart) First of all this is the first drug store concealer I have ever bought that was too pale for my skin! I was using the maybelline age rewind concealer but it was just too dark. That being said this would be a good option for pale skin girls. It is lightweight and blends really nice it does remind me of the urban decay naked skin concealer but I just don't find that it covers under eye circles all that good. I bought it so I will use it. 

tata harper resurfacing mask (sample, sephora) I love enzyme masks, this is an all natural product so it was worth a try. I got three full masks out of this and well I didn't really love it. It is $80 for an ounce and I expected more. It does spread and wash off easily I just didn't have any tingling aka its working with it. My skin did feel tight and cleaned out after use but not enough to justify the price.

boscia charcoal pore pudding (sephora) I have tried a few charcoal masks in the past and found them to be too drying. I took a sample of this and completely fell in love. This mask doesn't "dry" down but stays like a "pudding" on the skin it is so easy to spread and wash off. ( I mean it still stain your face cloth but you don't have to scrub your face to remove it ) My skin feels soft and cleaned out and it is really good for those days when your skin just feels blah.

What have others been trying out recently? 


  1. i was contemplating on getting that better skin concealer or the age rewind (ended up with the age rewind and so far so good to me). will try to check out that other one when i run out.

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

    1. I think you made a great choice with the age rewind! I have to learn to get over that applicator it is a way better concealer than the better skin:)

  2. I haven't tried that particular Joe Fresh offering, but hear you about the chalkiness (I ran into that with one of their eye shadows). I find their makeup is either flat out incredible or rather far from it, with little in between. Still, at the reasonable prices they charge, I'm happy to keep trying and some of their offering, including their black liquid eyeliner, are near daily makeup staples for me, so I'm not bemoaning the brand in the slightest.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica