Monday, June 20, 2016

beauty items I have used up (aka hit pan)

This month I have emptied my shampoo, cleanser, foundation as well as some beauty items that have got me thinking about new to me products! I don't seem to "hit pan" on beauty items often so here are my thoughts on them and if I am going to repurchase or not.

tarte amazonian clay blush in celebrated: I bought this with a gift card in January and hoped being spendy work out for me. I made poor choices and sadly never really got on with this blush. It is very sheer as in almost invisible I have been pilling it on and am kinda happy it is on its last legs. The color if it would have been more pigmented would have been ideal I am now on the lookout for a cool toned pink blush. Suggestions welcome!

annabelle eye shadow in gleam: This is my go to all over lid color. I only own one eye shadow and this is it. I found a new one on sale for $3.99 so I started to use it already since mine was looking pretty grubby. If you want a subtle lid color I would 100% recommend this one.

milani baked blush in luminoso: I have owned this for more than a year it is very soft and easy to apply and blend. It is also very sheer and quite possibly better off being a blush topper adding depth to blush rather than a full on blush by itself. I have oily skin and I am just not sure how I feel about glimmery blushes... I will keep using this until it is gone but don't think I will repurchase...

bite beauty luminous cream (discontinued) lipstick in fig: I bought this in September and it has easily become my everyday lipstick. The only reason it is not 100% gone yet is because I bought a new one this the new year when bite beauty rolled out their new amuse bouche version of this shade. The new version of this lipstick is really wonderful and I can see myself using up that tube fast as well.

What beauty products have other used up recently?


  1. have you ever tried benefit blushes (hervana or dandelion box)? I've heard of great things about them. Nars have a great selection too (a bit pricey for me).

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

    1. I do touch the benefit blushes every time I go to sephora but have yet to purchase one! I think dandelion is too sheer and I don't know about hervana I will need to check that one out ;)

  2. Same here, it can take me many months (or sometimes a year or more) to "hit pan" with most of my products. Save perhaps for my face powder compacts, which I find reach that point in 3 - 4 months usually.

    Joyful start of summer wishes, my dear!
    ♥ Jessica