Friday, June 24, 2016

thrift snap shots

This week while thrifting I had lots of vintage to look at! My needlepoint loving self had three purses to ogle and I am not going to lie I had all three in my hands while wearing one myself.... This one was very similar in tone to one I already own, the clasp with finicky so no guilt leaving it behind.

There were about six dresses from the late 60's and early 70's in the store. I will admit the value villages I frequent have gotten a little crazy on their dress pricing every dress was $14.99 no matter the condition, the above one was the most wearable imo.

I do have a thing for 1970's sheer polyester dresses so I had to try this one on. It was my size but sadly the thread and elastic had gone rotten I could hear tearing and um holes showing as I was trying it on and getting it off. I left it behind since my sewing skills are not up to the challenge. But dang polka dots on top of flowers....

Below is what my change room looked like as I was trying to decide what to buy. The black needlepoint point purse was a NO BRAINER  I look for one every time I go to a thrift store I almost thought it was a mirage. I did leave the feather purse behind. I was going to pick it up for my etsy shop but the cost and shipping hassle made my leave it behind for another gal. It was so unique but the colour would not work me personally....that's what I have to tell myself. Lastly I did pick up another novelty brooch for myself because I can't get enough.

My monthly thrift round up will be next week with a better close up of my finds.
I can't seem to quit thrifing when I have fun affordable days like this one.


  1. I hear you when you say VV has raised it's prices! I have stopped going to the one near my place. The prices are over the top....$2.00 for a coffee mug that originally sold at the $$ store for $1.75! I find the same thing at the MMC store. There are still a few stores around with reasonable prices and some good treasures. Keep on thriftin' your blog! Pattyrae

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! I think that is why I personally try to look/stick to vintage items from the thrift. I have 100% seen dollar store items being sold for more than the original sticker too!

  2. So awesome!

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  3. those purses in the last shot.. those are soo pretty!

    Have a great week ahead!
    Animated Confessions

  4. Those purses are incredible! I would have nearly fainted dead away if I saw one while out thrifting, but three - unheard of! I wonder if they all belonged to the same lady? If you happen to go back and the feather one is still there, please pick it up for me. I'll purchase it from you in a heartbeat.

    Big hugs & happy Canada Day week wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. ahhh sadly somebody did snap it up on sale day. But now that I know what you look for I will keep a better eye out for you Jessica:)