Monday, July 18, 2016

last week in vintage

Last week I worked different shifts than I usually do and switched up my thrifting day, it worked out well! I managed to find quite a few older pieces for me, and a few for my shop. I never usually find much when Value Village offers their mid week 30% sale but this time I found a great 70's pointelle knit top and a tooled leather make-up pouch?? for myself. I decided to "pick" the 1940's corde purse for my shop along with the coloured rhinestone scatter pins.

I cannot leave old glass behind...I am already using the blue mason jar to hold extra make-up brushes while I have not found a good spot for my milk bottle. It has the cutest graphics I have ever seen on the back including a coffee cup and a bowl of cereal ahh I just love it.

Now I did think of listing this purse in my shop but more often than not when I start to photograph items I am never sure if they are worth listing...hence why my little shop has 10 items I do believe I am just too picky. The purse has a little vintage quirk where the person making it ran out of material and used a different but slightly obvious shade. This mixed it with the awkward packing shape has given me second thoughts. The scatter pins also photographed weird so nothing new has actually been listed this week.

My question to vintage loving gals would you pay $15 shipping on an item that isn't really near mint aka quirky? The shipping costs for certain items always make me second guess listing them...

I mailed off this lovely tooled purse to a lucky gal. Sorta funny how I bought myself some new leather and sold off a piece in the same day. I washed and wore my new to me shirt right away, it proved to be nice and light to wear on a summers day.

How was last week for others?


  1. those glassware!! love the mason jar and milk bottle! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  2. Absolutely! As shipping tends to be sky high whether nationally or internationally, I've long (largely) stopped looking at just that element, but rather at the price of the item(s) as a whole. So, if I have, say a $50.00 budget and a piece is $35 with $15 for shipping, I'm okay with that. So long as I feel/know the seller is charging fair and honest shipping in relation to the postal costs of their country, again, I'm usually okay with paying that much (or more) on shipping, especially if it's an item that I've been after for ages.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica