Monday, July 11, 2016

recent beauty hits, mehs and misses

bite beauty matte creme lip crayon in glace (100 point perk from sephora, pictured below)
I will pretty much take any free to me item from bite beauty. I was happy to give this shade a go since it is unlike anything I already own. It is described as a dusty mauve and I had a bit of a love hate relationship when I first got it, it can have a grey cast to the lips. But after wearing it for a month I can say that I love it. The matte formula is not drying and does not make your lips look like crepe paper.

caudalie vinosource moisturizing mattifying fluid (sephora)
I saw this in a youtube video and pretty much drove right down to sephora to get a sample. I fell instantly in love and have not looked back. I have oily skin and usually avoid all moisture or lotion based products. This one is very light and dries down matte-like. It does not keep my oily skin from getting "dewy" during the day but it does not make my skin produce more oil which most products tend to do. It is a hit since it wears as a primer under make-up perfectly and I have no desire to look for anything else for my skin.

lancer the method polish (deluxe sample via sephora)
The full size of this product is a whopping $95 I just thought I would warn you before you click on the link but oh is it wonderful! I don't have sensitive skin and if I am going to use a physical scrub I want it to be "scrubby" This is a microdermabrasion type scrub with a very fine but very gritty sand like texture. It does not irritate the skin but buffs away dry skin amazingly. I have been using it sparingly and hope I can pick up another sample size in the future. 

too cool for school dinoplatz dear brachiosaurus blotting papers (sephora)
I picked these up since I knew the caulalie lotion didn't completely stop my skin from getting oily. I personally don't carry make-up in my purse so going back to my teens and using blotting papers seemed like the best bet. These come in a really handy plastic case that does have a mirror and the cutest little puff that is sticky. It is really quite ingenious and makes forehead touch up a breeze.

jurlique balancing rose water mist (deluxe sample via sephora)
I love rose water so getting to test this out was a treat. It is really nice my only gripe is it is not as natural as it could be. It does have some really nice ingredients like marshmallow and lactic acid but also has alcohol listed as the second unnecessary ingredient. I tend to forget about toners in my skin care regime and after a month I have been forgetting to use this so for me it is not something I would repurchase.

caudalie micellar water (deluxe sample via sephora)
I wanted to try this out and see if I should repurchase my cleansing oil or try out a micellar water. This was a generous 50ml sample and I was able to use it for a month to really make up my mind. In comparison to a cleansing oil there was none in terms of removing foundation. This was really gentle and did not break down my make up as much as I had hoped.

essence silky touch blush in babydoll (superstore)
It is very rare that I want to throw away something the first time I use it but this blush made me want to do this! I thought by the name it would be easy to blend and yes it is a soft blush but it was way more pigmented than I was expecting with a lot more shimmery that I thought as well. I made poor choices all around and am just not a fan.

What have others been loving lately?
There was no sun the day I felt like taking selfies...sorry for the graininess


  1. oohh.. i have pts in sephora!! and i wanna get that bite lipstick point perk! :D
    also i wanna see how that blotting paper with the puff works, seems like a neat idea!

    Have a great day!
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    1. Hi Sybil!
      I picked up that lipstick in June the Sephora at Polo is a bit weird they may bring it back out. Wishing you luck you can snag one for yourself:)

  2. Thank you for the warning about that blush. I buy a fair number of cosmetics from Superstore and really appreciate the head's up on that one.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica