Friday, July 8, 2016

thrift snapshots

I snagged the above butterprint off the rolling cart as items were being put away and I will admit I
was just going to walk right up to the cash register with out paying too much attention to the condition. It was shiny, turquoise and would be a great piece for my etsy shop. But then I noticed a chip on the spout, darn it so this little beauty got left behind. I practiced good thrift karma and left this for another thrifter who hopefully will be super happy to find it. I personally don't collect this pattern (shocking I know, it seems I hoard all the glassware but I don't)

I put my etsy shop on vacation while the Canada Post strike/lock out (make up your minds soon please) will happen. Yay! There will be a 30 day truce, my shop is back open! I received a new review this week and I am so glad this little bowl found a good home, reviews like this keep me chugging along with my tiny shop.

Yep, glassware came home with me this week at the thrift. I love to find harder to find makers like glasbake and hazel atlas. They tend to offer more unique shapes and colours than pyrex. I will admit I tend to block out condition issues with harder to find pieces I didn't notice my little green hazel atlas creamer was missing paint until after I paid for it and my blinders fell off. I bought it for my personal collection and I will love it as is.
The yellow bowl is by glasbake and was made for the sunbeam stand mixer. It is the most wonderful shade of yellow, I don't own a true batter bowl with a spout so it was a win, win situation.

How was this week for others at the thrift?


  1. What lovely finds! That last bowl is the colour of summer sunshine.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. these are so lovely! I really want to switch out my plastic bowls for something prettier like that!