Monday, August 29, 2016

how I am using my August thirft finds

August wasn't the most amazing month is terms of thrift or vintage finds. I did come home with a mint condition butterprint 503. They are hard to find and it was a steal of a price so no complaints. I pretty much used it as a loaf pan that same day.

This recipe box is the epitome of vintage kitsch. It does not match anything in my house but it was so odd I needed to bring it home. I can't tell if the lady is a nun or a nurse but I just love the face on the bull. These vintage recipe boxes are the perfect size to hold a box of tea, it has found a home in my pantry.

I added two new items to my etsy shop that I picked up while I was out and about.

What did others find in August?


  1. aahh that last blouse is so lovely!

  2. Awesome finds! That recipe box really is as cute as the come. It's a bit of a mystery as to what the woman is. Chef/baker or maid were two ideas that sprang to mind first for me based on the shape of her white hat, but it's hard to say for sure. Whatever the case, she - and her cowboy friend - are totally adorable.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica