Wednesday, August 24, 2016

last week in pictures: at the thrift and the forks

On Wednesday it was national thrift store day and many shops offered discount sales. Luckily for me I had the day off work so I went to a few stores. The black dress with the best tag would have fit me but I knew I would never wear it so it got left behind while I did manage to pick up a 1950's chiffon blouse and novelty celluloid & metal crab brooch for my shop.

In the summer on Sunday's the Forks offers a farmers market and the antique mall happens to be open so I went looking for treasures. I would love to find a lid for my delphite dish but sadly everything for sale was sold together. I always enjoy looking around and seeing what is for sale but this time I came home empty handed. 

There was one booth at the market with a familiar item which I found intriguing. I personally bought the "Judy" tooled leather purse for my etsy shop over the winter. Come spring it had not sold so I donated it back into the thrift world and it found its way back into a vintage shop for sale. I had sorta hoped it found a home with a shopper named Judy but it looks like it has yet to find a good home.
This vintage booth is called Debbie's Vintage

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  1. it's been so long since i made a trip the vintage shop at the forks! amazing treasures there (which can be expensive at times)

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  2. That crab brooch is so fabulously darling! I'm a Cancer and the crab is my zodiac sign, so I love it all the more and will be keeping an eye on your shop for when it's listed. :)

    Have a terrific weekend,
    ♥ Jessica