Wednesday, August 17, 2016

naked skincare winnipeg mask review

I re-ordered one of my favorite locally made products (naked skincare's cleansing oil) and decided to ask Amber; the maker if I could have some mask samples to try and review since I am a mask-a-holic. She was too kind and sent me a full size and a mini size of her two newest clay based masks!

I was excited to see these launch since I have just jumped on the activated charcoal band wagon. I have yet to try a mix it yourself version and her pink clay mask has mango enough said! I have used them both and am here to review them for you.

To mix: I first used 1 part mask to 1/2 part liquid, that was too much liquid. These masks mix up beautifully I would say 1/3 part liquid is all that is needed to make an easily spreadable mask.

To use: I used a mask brush (aka an old foundation brush) to mix and apply onto my skin. These masks dry very quickly (between 5 to 10 minutes) and powdery; smiling or eating will leave dust on your shirt. They wash off quite easily and yes both will faintly stain your wash cloth. A designated mask cloth would be recommended.

Pink Clay + Mango: 
Ingredients: Australian Pink Clay, French Pink Clay, Mango Extract.
I used rosewater as my liquid and it made for a beautifully combo. The pink clay mask was not overly drying on the skin but quite refreshing. I really did like this one and can see myself picking up the full size soon. I can't comment on any brightening effects just yet.

Detox Clay Mask:
Ingredients: Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Papaya Extract, Turmeric Powder.
I again used rosewater as my liquid since I wasn't sure how drying the charcoal would be. That being said it was not drying on the skin at all. I liked this mask because it did wash off more easily than other charcoal masks that I have tried. It tightened my pores and calmed blemished areas effectively.
I also enjoy the fact that I can choose which liquid to add making mask combinations endless.

Overall both these masks are a great and I love the fact that they contain simple ingredients and are locally made.

Naked Skincare can be found on etsy, stocked at Brows By G and at various markets if you happen to follow her on instagram.

My review on Naked Skincare's other products that I own can be seen here.


  1. Amazing post! Have a great weekend. :)


  2. Both of those masks sound fantastic! That's a great tip regarding using rose water as your liquid. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    Big hugs & happy wishes for the final leg of August,
    ♥ Jessica