Saturday, August 6, 2016

new on etsy!

My shop is really small right now (a whooping 8 items) but I did add 3 items last month so I figured I would share my thought process into the few items I picked for my shop!

1950's embroidered baby dress: I don't look in the children's section of the thrift shop but the one day on the end cap was this sweet little dress. The embroidery was too stinkin' cute for it not to come home with me. It has been in my shop for 3 weeks now which is a bit of a shock to me I figured it would have been snapped up quick.

1980's fox and trombone belt buckle: I found this buckle to be quite unique, I would be keeping it for myself if I wore belts as accessories but I haven't been bothered to wear one for months now.... Too bad I have not been able to find a suitable band to make it a full belt yet. If you wear elastic style belts you will be able to switch out this buckle no problem. 

1940's corde purse: I cannot leave 1940's items behind this one is a good size and will fit a cell phone and keys easy (no modern big wallet though you will need to pair down for a night out) It is hand made and has some quirks but overall it is a really lovely example of the era.

Below is my growing pile of items that did not sell in my shop. I have found relisting items doesn't really work for me. I have only sold one items that I relisted so I tend to give items their four months and then put them in a pile for donations/gifts or as freebies with orders.

My questions to others that buy vintage on Esty is;
Do you often get/like "pocket" presents included with your order?
The vintage I have purchased for myself have never included any extras but for about 50% of my orders I have included extras when weight and shipping allows I am not sure if I should keep doing this? I have not really heard feedback on doing this from my customers. I often feel I am sending away items to somebody who might not even like it. My pile is growing so I am just wondering if I should keep at know rambling....


  1. that embroidery is so adorable on that dress!

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  2. It's super sweet and thoughtful of you to include extra gifts with many of your orders. I do the same thing (for orders from my Etsy shop), too, and have gotten some absolutely wonderful feedback on it. Yes, it is an additional expense to me, but the impact that it delivers to my customers - a good many of whom return to shop with me time and time ago - is worth it, IMO, and it helps to create an even greater sense of customer loyalty.

    Plus, if someone is a blogger or active social media user and their should happen to post a photo of themselves wearing the complimentary item, they may link back to your shop (and/or one of your social media channels), so you just never when a gift with purchase will lead others to discover your shop and perhaps become customers themselves (and/or encourage the person who bought from you in the first place to return to your shop again).

    Have a fantastic weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you for your input Jessica!
      I guess my shop is too small to have reapped the rewards of sending extra items just yet. I will keep at it while I have the items in stock:)