Tuesday, September 27, 2016

how I am using my September thrift finds

For the month of September I really tried my best to thrift clothes for my wardrobe. I usually get side tracked by house ware items. I prefer to solely thrift my clothes which does leave some pretty big gaps in my wardrobe. I dislike trying on clothes and never quite know what will end up being practical for my actual day to day life (you know not my pretend life where I got out and need beaded everything...) Here is what come home with me this month and my thoughts on them.

teal cashmere pullover (thrifted from value village, originally from talbot petites) I love this color and the cashmere but adding another hand wash only item to my closet wasn't the best decision. I don't think this sweater had even been washed it fit wonderfully when I tried it on in the store but has already shrunk:/ I am hoping I can re-stretch it next time I soak it but this is what happens with knitwear and why I would never pay full price for an item like this.

white bubble knit pullover (thrifted from the salvation army, no tag) I really have a thing for popcorn style knits. I have yet to wear this out but do think I will get some wear out of it. I wore it and didn't like how it felt the sleeves are a bit too puffy for me, it will get donated back...

black crew neck pullover (thrifted from the salvation army, originally from banana republic) This is super basic and something I was desperately missing from my wardrobe. I managed to wear it 4 times in one week. Throwing it on with a necklace or earrings has been too easy. I will say I do not like how thin the cotton on this is, it attracts fluffs like tomorrow. I will be keeping an eye out for a "better" version of this top.

vintage yellow knit tank top (thrifted from value village, vintage) I have been trying to steer clear of overly feminine tops as of late but when a dead stock yellow knit top with a bow in my size just happens to be at the thrift store.... The only downfall is that is a tank top and it is now fall. I now must try and find a chunky knit cardigan to wear over top of it this winter.

Did others have luck adding new items to their thrifted wardrobe this month? 

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  1. Oooh, that yellow knit tank is incredible!!! What a stunning deadstock score anywhere, but all the more so at VV. It's been more years than I can recall since I found a mid-century NOS w/tags garment at VV.

    Very lovely pieces across the board. I hope that your thrifting luck continues all autumn long.

    ♥ Jessica