Wednesday, September 21, 2016

last week in pictures: meeting new friend and thrifting as usual

Last week I finally got a chance to meet up with a fellow Winnipeg vintage lover and etsy seller @marissatien we went for tea at high tea bakery and thrifting at a near by shop.  I gifted Marissa a cute little knitted jumper and a brooch to celebrate her baby's July birthday, while we were out shopping she picked up a gorgeous carved celluloid brooch than I would have snagged for myself.

I came home with a lovely jadeite tea set that Marissa gifted me while I found a fabulous cashmere sweater and vintage velvet ribbon.

I am not very good at photographing clothing but I managed to list some new items for my etsy shop last week!

There are always vintage wedding dresses in the Halloween section of the thrifts this time of year, the above dress was really too pretty to be destined a "costume". Hopefully it finds a good home and does not get cut up for a zombie bride...

This little planter is probably one of the most disturbing vintage finds I have seen in a while it is a baby girl football player but sexy? I can't even...

I am still trying to think when I would ever need a full on taffeta party dress seeing as that green and yellow dress had been at the thrift store for almost a month now in the Halloween section. Now that I am home the other green velvet dress is looking pretty darn good to me as well I might have to try both of them on if they are still at the store to help me make up my mind if I need to hoard more dresses I will never wear.

How was last week for others?

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  1. Three big cheers for a lovely Etsy seller meetup. I've encountered others in person who had Etsy shops, but haven't yet done a meetup specifically with someone else from Etsy. You've totally got me wanting to do the same now. :)

    xoxo ♥ Jessica