Sunday, September 11, 2016

thrift snapshots

Right now is my favorite time at the thrifts, all the sweaters are out and vintage gets stuffed into the Halloween section. Most of the time the vintage is damaged in some way but sometimes mint dresses and accessories can be found. The 60's dress pictured was oh so cute! It did not come home with me (it was long...) but the watercolor print dress peeking out in the corner did, look out for it in a post!

I don't own a hat but always look for one. This one was tempting but too creepy at the same time, I left it behind. 

Harlequin print is such a vintage classic that I don't see too often, this purse was really fun but also overpriced at $9.99. (it had damage) The black one was in my hands most of the time I was in the store it was black, gold and raffia I couldn't ask for more. It ended up getting left behind since I already own a lot of black purses.

This past week I was able to knock 2 items off my holy grail glassware list! Like magic a colored loaf AND brownie pan were on the shelf, I had to do a double take. It is crazy to think that I have been unable to thrift either of these in good condition for oh well the past 10 years.

What have others found thrifting so far this month?

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