Tuesday, October 11, 2016

last week in pictures

what did not come home with me:
I spotted some cute things at the Salvation army last week. Sadly I couldn't think of a legit reason I would need a deer ashtray, I am sure somebody snapped this up. A fabulous kit cat clock was up for auction, again I couldn't find a good reason why I would need it...

what did come home with me:
I happily added a jadeite platter to my dish collection. I have been wanting one for ages, patience paid off.
I pretty much thrifted only green items last week. The gloves and federal glass bowl are now listed in my etsy shop as well as this adorable bow hat!

(Jessica you may message me if any of these tickle your fancy, the green glove are a bit bigger than the blue ones)

For Thanksgiving we didn't host a traditional dinner but had a casual afternoon of snacks with family. I spent oh about three hours in total working on two dozen owl cookies. They turned out really cute, and were a hit
These were pretty easy to make, all you need is two circle cookie cutters one big one small to make a cut out for the ears. I painted melted chocolate as the wings and icing for the beaks. Next time I try and find something more ingenious for the beaks my icing wasn't the best. if anyone has any suggestions for beaks let me know!

How was last week for others?

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